An ancient gastronomic heritage

Eating at OAXACA is like being transported to Mexico

Through ancestral techniques, planting a multitude of Mexican products in our gardens and “milpas”, and cooking with native ingredients. We're talking about nixtamalized corn dough ground on volcanic stone, knowledge of all the chiles, “soasados” and “tatemados”, charcoal-grilled fish, pre-Hispanic “moles” and stews, guacamole prepared in a “molcajete” and spicy sauces, just as they are made and enjoyed in Mexico.

Joan Bagur

A lover of good cuisine

Chef Joan Bagur arrived in Mexico in the year 2000 with a keen interest in learning the secrets of authentic Mexican cuisine. For this purpose, he engaged with the great traditional cooks, the "mayoras." He traveled throughout the country to explore its markets, culture, traditions, and gastronomy. Additionally, he studied with anthropologists specialised in coastal, desert, tropical, and lacustrine cuisine.

Joan Bagur, a Minorcan cook, says he has lived two lives in one. He feels a passionate and respectful duty to spread the word about authentic Mexican cuisine.


The Mexican Milpa

Pioneers of a Mexican garden, our most treasured asset

Xalapeños, Poblanos, Chile de árbol, Frijol, Miltomate, Acuyo, Verdolaga, Epazote, Quintonil, Flor de calabaza, Elotes y Maíz, Cilantro criollo, Jitomates, Nopales, Huitlacoche... These are some of the Mexican products we cultivate. Fresh plants that arrive at our restaurant every day and without which it would not be possible to create the dishes of our traditional Mexican cuisine.